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Polls on the page:

Our site offers to get answers to the one you are interested in poll and see the real picture of support for politicians, issues of tolerance, peoples mood and other things, thanks to statistics, through a sociological survey.

The one who owns the information owns the world. And the best information is statistics.

Anonymous survey on the Internet is considered the most effective, because there is a great chance that the person will answer frankly. After all, when surveys are conducted on the street, it is unlikely that the person will actually answer sincerely.

Here you can conduct a survey yourself for themes and ask other users. You can also participate in other polls or just find out various interesting facts while browsing the news feed. Which poll is important and which is not also you choose, by assigning a rating to each of the polls and ranking them on the site for them.

Also, comments are connected to the polls, which allows you to discuss a particular issue in more detail, to discuss. This will transform the site into a universal platform for public negotiations, which will be based on polls and their results.

Polls that will definitely interest you

In order to use the site, you need to register and enter general data (age, gender, place of residence, interests). The more information you provide, the better we can find interesting and suitable surveys for you in the future. We will not transfer your information anywhere. The site programmers were specifically given the task to build polls so that no one could know which result you chose.

Also, polls will be shown to you, referring to the hashtags that you have chosen for yourself. They also need to be filled out in the profile, through whom. They will be available through the button "Topics relevant to you"

Supplement the sociological survey with your answer

Have you seen a survey, but none of the answer options suits you? We foresaw this and made it possible for users to offer their own options for answering polls. At the same time, they are also taken into account, like the main ones, you can also vote for them. And if one of the variants of the proposed answer by users is gaining popularity, then it gets as an answer to the main poll.