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Public opinion polls have consistently shown strong overall support for NATO. According to a 2022 survey conducted by NATO, over 70% of Allied citizens consider NATO important to the future security. Similarly, a 2022 poll found that seven-in-ten or more individuals in the Netherlands, the UK, and Germany feel positively towards NATO. Furthermore, a 2022 survey of 14 NATO countries, including the USA, found stronger support for both NATO and the organization's role in global security. Despite some fluctuations over time, NATO remains viewed favorably across member states.

Perceptions of NATO's role in global security have also been studied extensively. A 2022 survey found that the countries that are the most positive about NATO's role in their security also top the ranking on US involvement in European defense. Additionally, a 2020 survey found that there is disagreement over whether parts of neighboring countries really belong to them, with a median of 45% of respondents across NATO and non-NATO countries expressing this view.

Individuals interested in participating in polls about NATO can visit the website to share their opinions and engage in discussions.The importance of NATO and its role in global security is particularly relevant in key NATO nations such as Turkey, where the outcome of the presidential election has implications for the West. Overall, polling results show a historically high level of support for NATO.