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Public opinion polls have been conducted to gauge the views of Finnish citizens on various aspects of their politics and government. In the run-up to the 2023 Finnish parliamentary election, multiple organizations conducted opinion polls to understand voting intentions in Finland. These polls have focused on which coalitions are possible and whether the current government would stay in office. Recent polls suggest that the right-wing opposition National Coalition Party is leading among voters ahead of the election. However, long coalition talks may follow the election, with the conservative NCP not ruling out a deal with the populist Finns. The polls show that the three biggest parties are neck-and-neck, and the Finns Party is predicted to win the most seats in the upcoming election.

Public opinion polls have also been conducted to understand the views of Finnish citizens on society and culture. These polls have covered a range of topics, including attitudes towards immigration, social issues, and cultural events. They have helped to provide insights into the changing values and beliefs of the Finnish population.

If you want to take part in polls about Finland, you can visit our website and share your opinion in the comments section. Your participation can help to shape the future of Finland and contribute to a more informed and engaged citizenry.