Do you think that Finland need to join NATO?

Arguments for Finland joining NATO

There are several compelling arguments for Finland to join NATO. One of the most significant benefits of NATO membership is increased security and protection from external threats. As NATO's Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stated recently, "Joining NATO is good for Finland, it is good for Nordic security, and it is good for NATO as a whole". Finland's historical policy of military non-alignment has left it vulnerable to external aggression, particularly from Russia. However, by joining NATO, Finland would have access to the collective defense capabilities of the alliance, which would provide a strong deterrent against potential aggressors.

Another advantage of Finland joining NATO is access to the military capabilities and resources of the alliance. Finland has a relatively small military, and joining NATO would provide access to a wider range of military equipment and technology. This would enable Finland to better defend itself against potential threats and enhance its military capabilities. Additionally, Finland's participation in NATO would allow for increased cooperation and coordination with other member countries in areas such as intelligence sharing, military training, and joint military exercises.

Finally, joining NATO would strengthen Finland's ties with other member countries, particularly those in the Nordic region. Finland already participates in Nordic Defense Cooperation (NORDEFCO), a regional defense initiative that includes Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland. However, joining NATO would further enhance Finland's cooperation with these countries and provide a framework for greater collaboration on defense and security issues. Furthermore, Finnish and Swedish membership in NATO would bolster the alliance's collective defenses in northern Europe and its eastern flank, which is particularly important given the current security environment in Europe. Overall, joining NATO would provide significant benefits for Finland's security and defense, as well as strengthen its ties with other member countries.

Arguments against Finland joining NATO

One of the main arguments against Finland joining NATO is the preservation of its neutral position and independence. Finland has a long history of neutrality, dating back to the Cold War, and has maintained this stance even as its Nordic neighbors, Norway and Denmark, joined NATO. Joining NATO would mean abandoning this neutral position and aligning Finland with a military alliance, which could potentially compromise its independence and sovereignty. Some argue that Finland's current policy of military non-alignment has served it well and that joining NATO could potentially create more problems than it solves.

Another argument against Finland joining NATO is the potential for provocation of Russia. Russia has historically been sensitive to NATO expansion and has previously threatened retaliation against countries that seek to join the alliance. Some experts argue that Finland joining NATO could escalate tensions with Russia and lead to increased military activity in the region. Furthermore, it could lead to a deterioration of relations between Finland and Russia, which could have economic and political consequences for both countries.

Maintaining positive relations with non-NATO countries is also a concern for those opposed to Finland joining NATO. As a neutral country, Finland has been able to maintain positive relations with both NATO and non-NATO countries, such as Russia and China. Joining NATO could potentially strain these relationships and limit Finland's ability to engage in diplomacy and cooperation with non-NATO countries. Additionally, it could lead to Finland being perceived as a partisan player in international affairs, rather than a neutral mediator.

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