Do you have phones in your dreams?

Have you ever dreamed of a cell phone? Cell phones or cell phones in dreams are associated with some form of emotional intimacy. Dreams indicate that you can connect and connect with others at any time. Most dreams about  phones are pleasant ones.

Mobile phones, on the other hand, are a recent development - especially smartphones - which is why most of us don't see them in our dreams. If you ask anyone, they will tell you that most of their dreams revolve around escaping dangerous situations. Never text a friend.

But of course, this assumption may not be entirely true: After examining more than 16,000 dream reports, the researchers found that cell phones were present in 2 to 3 percent of dreams — yes, that's a low number, but less than movies, computers Or planes are more common. (Cars are the most common technology in dreams.) Anyway: Dreams are complex, difficult to predict or analyze, and highly dependent on each person's thoughts or circumstances. For example, someone in grief is likely to have intense dreams, and it is not an uncommon dream to receive a phone call from the deceased.

Do cell phones appear in your dreams?

Have you ever thought about holding your cell phone or cell phone? The emotional part of the brain creates dreams, which allow you to do or see things that don't make sense and make them seem plausible. It also makes you desperate not to read things like notifications or messages on your device's screen when you have phone dreams.

Meanwhile, researchers found that a small percentage of people actually dream about their phones. Their study found that only 2.6% of men and 3.5% of women saw their cell phones in their dreams, mostly as a communication device for deceased loved ones to contact them. Have you ever dreamed of your smartphone? Do you remember why or how to use the phone in your dreams?

How often do you recall or analyze your dreams? Do you remember dreaming about your smartphone during the time you were sleeping? Although smartphones seem to play such an important role in many people's lives, few people remember ever dreaming about their smartphone.

Why no cell phones in dreams?

I readed a book, it was about brain and intelect in general. And there was chapter about how dreams work and why we didint see phones in it, even though we work with them minimum 2 hours a day approximately. Professor explained that we see in dreams only that, with which worked our parents. Like it work through genes. Like in DNA. Thats why don't we see phones in our dreams. 
But i have a little sister, who is 12 years old and their parents was using phones, before she was born. And i asked my sister about does she have phones in their dream. She said "no". So i wanted to ask you, and wanted to see public opinion to it and answers.

What do our results say?

For now, in our poll voted only 32 people. And 40% of voters say, that they have phones in their dreams, and 60% of people say, that they don't. 

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