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Do you trust alternative medicine?

Do you trust alternative medicine?

Non-traditional methods of prevention and treatment of diseases – this is alternative medicine. These methods of preventing and treating diseases are alternative medicine. If this therapy is prescribed by a doctor you trust, you should not ignore it, the treatment will be carried out in a professional medical center. Let us consider several types of alternative methods of treatment that have successfully proven themselves and have shown good results both as independent methods of exposure and in combination with other procedures and medications.

Manual therapy

This method is aimed at eliminating problems with the human skeletal system. It is unique in that everything is done with one hand, without any other tools. Doctors can not only relieve pain symptoms, but also save patients from illness by eliminating its cause. Symptoms such as back and joint pain, stiffness of movement, dizziness and headaches may indicate the development of osteochondrosis, herniated disc, sciatica, or scoliosis.

Manual therapy can be prescribed only after a thorough diagnosis (MRI, X-ray examination). The doctor will train the joints and muscles in a “done” mode. By the way, there are more than three thousand methods in manual therapy, and medical appointments are usually carried out by surgeons or neurologists.

Simulation therapy

It is widely known as «hydrotherapy». As ridiculous as it sounds, a bite can cure all diseases, although, of course, it is not a panacea. With regard to the treatment of hands and feet, it can be said that this alternative therapy cannot be used as the main method for severe diseases. However, as an additional treatment, it can be excellent in almost all situations, especially in:

  • Neurology;
  • Cardiology;
  • Gastroenterology;
  • Gynecology;
  • Urology;
  • Surgery;
  • Dentistry;
  • Endocrinology;
  • Ophthalmology;
  • Cosmetology.


In homeopathic treatment, patients are prescribed medications that can cause the same symptoms as the diagnosed disease. In a word, «they knock out a wedge with a wedge». Proper homeopathy applies to all systems of the entire human body. The goal is to restore the lost balance and thereby restore health. Naturally, prescriptions for treatment can only be prescribed after a thorough examination and collection of tests. This method is still being studied and used in a clinical setting with high efficacy.


This alternative medicine method is based on the assumption that there is no cause of pain symptoms in the organ. Osteopaths find structural and anatomical abnormalities in the human body and correct them using a process similar to therapeutic massage. However, this effect is manifested not only in bones and muscles, but also in internal organs, for example, in the brain. Surprisingly, osteopathy has a prolonged effect, so it is prescribed every few weeks.

These are the types of alternative medicine. Always be careful not to overdo it so as not to harm the body.

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Do you trust alternative medicine?

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