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Discussion board about Trust and polls

Public Opinion and poll on the Trust Theme

Trust is the moral glue that holds society together. We must trust that others will act honestly and kindly. Everyone needs to trust governments to protect their safety and property, and companies to keep their transactions ethical. In a democratic society, citizens must trust the messages they receive from the media. On the surface, societies seem to function best when people, institutions and media trust each other. However, recent events have shaken the confidence of many. In this article, we explore the reasons for public distrust and what citizens can do to repair the damage.

Today, trust in government is extremely low

Many people hate corrupt practices such as bribery and embezzlement. The Watergate scandal in the 1970s shocked the United States, and similar events occurred in other countries. These events have caused many to completely lose trust in politicians. This is a problem because politicians are supposed to represent their citizens in legislation - they can't stand against them alone. Unfortunately, many citizens no longer trust the government to be trusted. This is a serious problem because the government has a lot of power and influence over our lives. There is nothing anyone can do if they are corrupted by greed or malice.

Trust in medicine 

Confidence in other industries is shaken when companies misuse money or resources for their own benefit. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are notorious for fraudulent practices. People no longer trust the medical or pharmaceutical industries to treat their ailments honestly. That`s why we ask our audience - Do you trust alternative medicine? Apparently, every month makes headlines about a new healthcare scandal involving one of these companies. This has resulted in many people not using products from these companies at all. Obviously this hurts the bottom line of the industry; they have to clean up their actions or risk losing customers permanently. So we also create poll for theme - do you like your medical system?

Trust in media

The media is also responsible for society's mistrust of current events. During last year's presidential campaign, many were misled by politicians and other public figures. Unfortunately, most Americans are more likely to believe misrepresentations spread by tabloids than factual information provided by state media outlets. This has led to many people voting for people they actually disagree with politically in the hope that they will somehow get things right again. However, many of these people refuse to believe that the news they receive is real, supporting cartoon sites like 4Chan or Reddit instead. While these sites have their merits, validating information from dubious sources is ineffective at best when trying to distinguish the real from the fake nationally.

Trust is clearly low these days due to recent political corruption and financial scandals. Citizens also no longer trust their governments or other important institutions, leading many to become complacent and passive. But we want to see full picture of all this topic. So that`s why we create a all this poll for Trust theme. To see, what people actually thinking.