Do you believe in intuition?

Do you believe in intuition?

Intuition, what does it mean? There are more than enough deadlines and disputes around this topic!

Today we will talk about it in a little more detail. Thus, intuition is a person’s ability to unconsciously predict an event, situation, behavior, thought, or other phenomenon based on previous experience.

Intuition is an important part of our lives. It is not necessary to rely entirely on intuition, like infantilism (as a discharge of responsibility), but I do not advise to neglect it. Intuition is not just about «luck» or «coincidence.» This is an unconscious choice.

Why the unconscious?

After all, the decision made by our intellect requires from us long reflections, weighings of all «for» and «against». Contrary to this, intuition works when the decision comes with lightning speed.

Why is this happening?

And all because intuition is the choice of our subconscious, our true desires and thoughts that guide us throughout life. Here you can remember from school, when you took tests on the exam and just read the question – and the answer came in a flash, but in a second or two decided to change the answer based on intelligence.

And often having already received the results, they were disappointed to learn that the first answer was correct! And it came to mind:

«Why did I change my mind?»

«Why fix it?»

«I knew, I had to choose the first answer!»

And all because intuition is a very «smart» thing. This is something that cannot be measured and scientifically researched. To date, these are only conjectures that do not have an exact scientific basis.

Intuition is often called the 6th sense, because it is an immeasurable energy that plays an important role in our lives. The main thing is not to neglect it, but to listen and act as your «heart» and your «body» tell you. The mind cannot comprehend everything. And is it always necessary to look for an explanation? The main thing is that it works !!! So do not delay, but trust yourself and your senses!

Do you believe in intuition? It is important for us to know your opinion, because every vote is important!

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