Do you trust advertising?

In an information society full of advertising, we cannot become an isolated entity. While some people think that advertising doesn’t work for them, in fact, they are wrong. Therefore, we decided to dispel these fantasies and tell how advertising inclines us to certain actions.

What is advertising?

Advertising is a kind of communication in the field of marketing between buyers and advertisers, the purpose of which is to distribute paid information and attract new people (potential customers) to use products or services.

Advertising media is a communication channel through which advertising messages reach consumers. During the advertising process, the advertising medium is usually provided by the owner organization.

A consumer is a consumer who is targeted by an advertising message in order to induce him to take any action that is of interest to the advertiser.

Advertising and its impact on us

The advertising “footprint” remained in our brains for three months. This is the conclusion reached by a group of French researchers who have studied the impact of online advertising on users.

“Cosmetics, phones, gifts, cars, arrows that you can find by clicking here – they all go to the brain and stay there for several months,” said Didier Courbet, research team leader who studies the psychology of the head of advertising. Don’t forget about the pop-up window – a small image that is automatically activated. We try to ignore them or actively try to remove them from sight. After all, they still remain in our minds.

Harmless advertising

The purpose of any logo, banner, video is for you to buy things. There is a harmless type of advertising that does not affect our worldview in any way. This is honest advertising, when the manufacturer describes only data about the product and its characteristics, and not selectively – I will write about this, but I will keep silent about this. He will not get into your head and will not spend incredible money ordering advertising from professionals in his field. He just needs to be told about his product, period.

Advertising done by professionals

The fact is that not everyone can be controlled, and everyone cannot be influenced by pretty pictures and false promises. Many people do not have their own opinion, so they borrow it from others. It is easiest for such people to buy things that advertisements offer. The psychology of advertising is simple: you need to prove that the product is necessary because you can make your life better with it. Marketers are dream sellers. The biggest drawback of all of this is that it is not your dream.

Do you trust advertising?

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