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What should we make of polls about Elon Musk?

The most egregious thing about Musk and his Twitter polls is that it goes against all the goodwill he has received from the Ukrainian public over the past year. Ukrainian officials welcomed Musk's support through his Starlink satellite system, which helps Eastern European countries keep communications open even after Russia destroyed cell towers and broadband infrastructure.

In the poll titled "Ukraine-Russian Peace", Musk gave his opinion on repeating the referendum in the Ukraine region annexed by Moscow, recognizing the annexation of Crimea and ensuring the neutrality of Crimea and Ukraine on water issues "Yes or no" .

American experts are obsessed with Musk's recent hijacking of Twitter, which could undermine free speech as we know it or slightly alter the social media platform most Americans don't even use. Meanwhile, Ukrainians are dying thanks to Musk's efforts to help disadvantaged Ukrainians through secure communications.

What does polling about elon musk tell us about the u.s. political landscape?

In 2014, Musk described himself politically as "half Democrat, half Republican" and "I'm center-right, socially liberal, and fiscally conservative." In 2018, he said he was "not a conservative. I registered as an independent [and] a political moderate". He said in 2022 that he "ve voted overwhelmingly Democrat in the past" but intends to vote Republican in the upcoming election.

Elon Musk has become increasingly polarized in recent months, with his support plummeting among Democratic voters as he criticizes the party and oversees the controversy over Twitter Inc. of the acquisition, and faces allegations of sexual misconduct.

While Democrats have lashed out at him, Musk's flirting with Trump's party has been particularly prominent among Republicans. The most recent poll found that 48% of Republican voters said they had seen, read or heard at least one statement about their most recent vote to vote Republican, compared with 36% of Democratic voters.

What do polls about Elon Musk tell us?

In a recent poll on the social media site, Elon Musk asked his more than 95 million Twitter followers whether they trust billionaires or politicians more. Most of his previous social media interviewees said they supported the rich more than voters.

What does Elon Musk want? What is his vision for the future? These questions matter because Elon Musk's decisions -- one-sided and undemocratic in the relatively small tech billionaire bubble -- could have far-reaching consequences for the world, you And I, our children and grandchildren, will survive. Musk is currently the richest person on the planet, which alone makes him one of the most powerful people in history. The future he wants is likely to be the future of all mankind.

For this reason, it's vital to uncover the underlying normative worldviews that shaped his actions and public statements, from founding SpaceX and Neuralink to lamenting that we're in the midst of an underpopulated "population catastrophe" to trying -- but Unfortunately, the acquisition of Twitter, the world's most influential social media platform, failed.