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Discussion board about St_Johns and polls

Discussion board about St Johns and polls of the city

This is a page with the Discussion board about St Johns. Here you will see all the discussions and polls that we have on our site about this town. Don't forget that you can not only vote in the polls, or take part in discussions, you can also create your own. 

St Johns is a small city with approximately 140 thousand people living in it. It's a city that is located most close to Europe in all of Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador. Also, it is located near the Atlantic Ocean, so because of it, there is mostly rain or snowy weather. But because of the ocean, there is never been extremely cold. The ocean protects this place from extreme temperatures in both ways. That`s why this city is the thirteen most places town in the whole of Canada. 

What polls can be related to St John's?

As if any place St John's can be a better town than it is now. There is no limit to upgrading something. Also as in any place that has people there is a problem. And it is important also not to be quiet about it. Truth is born in disputes. So for now our site has several discussion boards about St John's:

It is it for now. But I will keep updating the list of these. Also don't forget, that you can create your own Discussion board or polls about St St John's, NL!  For that, you just need to register and press the button "create poll"