The best veterinarian in St. Johns NL

This time I`ve created a poll and discussion about "The best veterinarian in St. John's NL?". For some people, their pets are no less important and valuable than children. So for that, you need to know who is the best doctor, clinic, or option for you. And so there are several of them::

  • Dr. Wilson and the team at Sunrise Animal Hospital
  • Dr. Ryan at Sunrise Animal Hospital
  • Dr. Tuff at KRAH (Kenmount Rd. Animal Hospital)
  • Dr. Flynn at Beachy Cove
  • Avalon animal hospital
  • Dr. Martin
  • Dr. Kroyer at Paradise Animal Hospital
  • Baccalieu in Bay Roberts

I personally don't have pets, so I can't give you my opinion. So please take part in the poll, and discussion "The best veterinarian in St. John's NL", so people will see to who to contact when they are needed. To vote just pick your option, if there is none of them you can suggest your answer in the section "suggested answers". Also, you can press "see results" and exclude that option from the poll. See also our polls about:

You can help me fill in other vets here, just write them in the comments.

What do the results say?

For now on best vet in St. John's NL is Dr. Wilson and the team at Sunrise Animal Hospital. He has the most votes from locals as the best veterinarian and bypasses others by five percent. You can agree with that, or disagree in comments, or choose your option in the poll. 

Voted: 220