Top oil change garages in St. Johns, NL rated by locals

So I wanted to do the experiment, where I will use my website as rated information about Top oil change garages in St. John's, where you will rate them by yourself. So there are several of them:

  • Mr. Lube
  • Pit Crew Drive Thru
  • Turbo Tech Auto
  • City Tire & Auto Centre
  • Freshwater Auto Centre
  • King's Bridge Service Station
  • Island Auto & Performance- Ultramar
  • Bernie's Service Bays
  • Killick Tire & AutoCare
  • CarFix Automotive

Below is a poll where you can choose your Top oil change garages in St. John's. You can choose only one option so that people will see which is best. Also, there will be an option with "show results", if you don't know yet which option is best.

For me personally best is Pit Crew Drive Thru. But only because I used to work there. I know it's inside. It is a hard-working labor job for the employees but is good for the customers. Because I think there is no way to change oil more quickly than we do back there. Sometimes we only need not less than five minutes to change the oil and oil filter in the car. Can you imagine it? So I will give my vote to them.

I'm a little aware of Mr lube, but as far as I know, you need to leave the car for them and go back in a couple of hours. It's not always optional for busy people. Also, I know that they do something like "check your car according to 44 points" but in practice, they don't do that, only if you ask them. They also change tires, but it's not relevant to this discussion.

So I ask you to vote and take part in this discussion. If I missed some places where you can change the oil, just write it in the comments. Or use a special tool for that "Suggest an answer". If this is even will be a little bit successful I will create far more content like this for Canada, New Foundland, and Labrador, and especially for St. John's. 

If you do not know all the places yet and just want to see results, there will be a button in the poll - "show results". Also, there are Top tire change places in St. Johns, NL article, I encourage you to check it also.

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Little Update:

Someone is definitely buying bots to vote in this poll. I can't prevent that, noone can. I already use bot protection. It helps, but still, it cant prevent all atacks. 

bots spamming best oil change in st jhones

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naiad 15-01-2024. 12:03 1
Look at the results… Mr Lube has so many complaints honestly! That survey is just to recover their reputation online…
naiad 15-01-2024. 12:04 1
That company sucks. They have nice buildings but their workers don’t have the imagination to solve simple mechanical issues
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