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Top tire change places in St. Johns, NL rated by the townspeople

The second most important thing in car maintenance is tire changing. Especially in such places as Canada. So here are the Top tire change places in St. Johns. As usual before choosing I will name all of them.

  • Mr. Lube + Tires
  • City Tire & Auto Centre Ltd
  • Kal Tire
  • Complete Tire Sales & Service Ltd
  • St. John's Tirecraft
  • Lester Lube
  • Tire Mart-NAPA AutoCare
  • King's Bridge Service Station
  • Freshwater Auto Centre
  • Killick Tire & AutoCare
  • A+ Plus Auto Center
  • Lou's Automotive & Industrial Inc
  • Capital Auto Centre
  • CarFix Automotive

My opinion

Tire change in St. Johns does not require a lot of knowledge or some technician skills. It's just hard labor work when you need to take all four wheels one by one from the car, then or just change whole wheels or only the tire. In other words, you need a strong human for that rather than a smart one. So it's difficult to make a mess or do something wrong with it. 

Because of that, I think in this case it is important not to do it well quality, but to do it fast.  When it is about fast and efficiency I think the best for it is Lester Lube. At least some people think like that. 

Now I encourage you to vote and join this discussion - "Top tire change places in St. Johns, NL".  If there are any locations for oil change that I overlooked, please share them in the comments or use the 'Suggest an answer' tool. If this gets even a modest amount of success, I plan to create more content like this for Canada, specifically for Newfoundland and Labrador, and particularly for St. John's.

If you do not know yet all the places and just want to see results, there will be a button in the poll - "show results".  Also, there are Top oil change garages in St. John's article, I encourage you to check it also - Link.

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