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Where is best Chinese food for St. John's NL?

This time I want to ask you: Where is the best Chinese food for St. John's NL? I am a big fan of all sorts of food and also I eat Chinese food as well. My personal best was Monroe Take Out at 84 Monroe St, St. John's. It was cheap, and fast and I've seen a lot of locals here, which means that it is popular and has reasonable prices. But Monroe Take Out in St. John's NL is not the only place, where you can buy Chinese food, so I want to know your opinion, on which is the best Chinese food for St. John's NL. Below is the list of all the places with Chinese food for St. John's NL, and after you can vote for your favorite, so people will know which is the best. So they are:

  • Monroe Take Out
  • Magic Wok
  • Peaceful Loft
  • Sequerra's
  • Kung Fu
  • Canton on Torbay Rd.
  • Jin Loong on Blackmarsh Rd.
  • Noodle Express in Mt Pearl.
  • Ye's Wok on Paradise
  • Song-Hee
  • Asian cafe on Commonwealth
  • Loveeee dragon 88 in cbs.
  • New Moon on Topsail
  • Silver bowl
  • Wongs in Holyrood
  • China Town Eatery on Campbell
  • Canton on Newfoundland Drive

These are all places for now that can compete in Where is the best Chinese food for St. John's NL? poll. So Please vote for your favorite place, or choose the "show results" option to see it.   Also, we have other polls, that are related to St. John's:  

What do the results say?

For now, more than 150 people voted in this poll and the leader is Sequerra's restaurant, at St. John's NL. He has not so much advanced against others, but he is a leader with more than 2%. You can get there by this link. Don't be afraid to press it, its a link to google maps with destination. 

User: Sebades Voted: 402
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