Who do you think attacked Moscow with drones?

Possible suspects behind the Moscow drone attack

The recent drone attack on Moscow has raised questions about who could be responsible for such an attack. State actors with advanced drone technology are one possible suspect. Countries such as the USA, China, and Israel have developed sophisticated drone technology and have used it in various military operations. However, it is important to note that the attack on Moscow appears to have been carried out using commercial drones, which are widely available and accessible to individuals or small groups.

Another possible suspect behind the drone attack on Moscow is individuals or small groups with access to commercial drones. Commercial drones are widely available and can be purchased easily online. These drones can be modified to carry small payloads, making them a potential threat in the hands of individuals or small groups with malicious intentions. The use of commercial drones in the attack on Moscow suggests that the perpetrators may not have had access to advanced military-grade drones.

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Who do you think attacked Moscow with drones?

According to our sociological research for theme "Who do you think attacked Moscow with drones?" there is 60% voted "False flag", 16% voted "Ukraine", and 25% for "Partisans" . The survey was conducted all over the world. Data of update as September 18, 2023.

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