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Polls about China.

Polls on China's domestic and international policies and perceptions

Polls on China's domestic policies reveal that the majority of Chinese citizens are optimistic about their country's economic growth and social stability. According to a survey conducted by Pew, 67% of the Chinese public in 2019 believed that their country was becoming more powerful in the world. However, measuring China's economic growth poses challenges due to the country's history of central planning. Additionally, the Chinese government heavily scrutinizes opinion polling, with foreign polling firms prohibited from directly conducting surveys. Nonetheless, understanding public opinion on domestic policies is crucial for policymakers to address citizens' concerns and improve their overall well-being.

Polls on China's international policies and perceptions reveal a mixed bag of opinions. A 2021 Chicago Council poll suggests that Americans favor a more punitive approach to China, particularly on trade. Furthermore, a 2020 survey across 14 advanced nations found that a median of 61% believed that China had mishandled the coronavirus outbreak. Republicans in the US are more likely to advocate for a tougher stance on China's economic issues. Meanwhile, China's foreign policy has been criticized for undermining security and stability in regions such as Taiwan. Nonetheless, it is essential to understand public opinion on international policies to foster better diplomatic relations and cooperation between countries.

To stay informed about polls on China's policies and perceptions, individuals can participate in polls on websites such as Additionally, they can share their opinions in the comments section, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of public opinion on China. As opinions on China's domestic and international policies continue to evolve, it is crucial to stay informed and participate in discussions to foster better understanding and cooperation between nations.