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Do you support the Legion “Freedom of Russia”?

Results of sociological research on support for the Legion "Freedom of Russia"

A recent sociological research study aimed to determine the level of support for the Legion "Freedom of Russia" among respondents. The study found that several factors influenced respondents' support for the Legion, including their political views, age, and level of education. Respondents who identified as politically conservative and older were more likely to support the Legion, while those with higher levels of education were less likely to support it. Additionally, the study found that respondents who were more familiar with the Legion and its activities were more likely to support it.

The study also revealed that a significant percentage of respondents expressed support for the Legion "Freedom of Russia." However, the exact percentage varied depending on the demographic characteristics of the respondents. For example, respondents who identified as politically conservative were more likely to express support for the Legion than those who identified as politically liberal. Overall, the study suggests that support for the Legion "Freedom of Russia" is not uniform across the population and is influenced by a variety of factors.

If you are interested in sharing your opinion on the topic and contributing to ongoing research, you can take part in the survey "Do you support the Legion Freedom of Russia?" on the website Additionally, you can share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section. It is important to continue researching and discussing topics like these to gain a better understanding of public opinion and its underlying factors.

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