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Who do you think blew up the Crimean bridge?

But the bridge attack on Monday was also the reason for the sudden Kremlin firing of rockets in Ukraine. By noon, about 80 missiles and infrastructure had been fired in a dozen cities, according to Ukrainian authorities — and Russian officials have promised more.

Russia's State Counter-Terrorism Committee said at 6:07am (03:07GMT) on Saturday that a truck was blown up on its way to the bridge. Two spans of the road bridge are said to have partially collapsed, but the arch above the canal was undamaged and ships sailed between the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov.

Dozens of Photoshopped images show Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy grilling kebabs in flames emerging from a bridge. Others reveled in the moment, posing characters from Game of Thrones next to damaged images, or suggesting that traditional Russian birch bark sandals could be used as flippers for swimming across the Kerch Strait.

Can it be Russia?

^ David M. Herszenhorn (19 March 2014). “Dependence on Russia could destabilize the region's economy.” New York Times. Archived from the original on 09/14/2021. Retrieved July 26, 2018. This process is also risky. This includes the possibility that the Ukrainian government will further isolate the remote peninsula by closing vital shipping lines. There is no land transport link between Russia and Crimea, and building a bridge over the shortest waterway near the Crimean city of Kerch will take several years and cost an estimated $3 billion to $5 billion.

After a major setback on the battlefield last month, when Ukrainian forces successfully launched a counteroffensive to liberate areas held by Russian troops, Putin said in his speech announcing that four regions of Ukraine are now part of Russia, and that Moscow is ready to cooperate with Russia" be ready" . " "Talk. Ukraine. The referendum that led to the illegal annexation was condemned by the West as a farce.

Well, it all depends, right? One that analysts have been talking about is the shocking and awesome trick Putin said made me accept. You are not so old and the world will not end, but I will lead it across the Baltic Sea or the Black Sea.

Who do you think blew up the Crimean bridge? your opinion

Kyiv did not claim responsibility for the damage to the bridge, but Ukrainian officials celebrated the explosion on social media. Referring to the Russian flagship sunk in Kyiv earlier this year, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry tweeted: "Missile cruiser Moskva and Kerch Bridge - Russia's two notorious sights in Crimea, Ukraine Symbols - have sunk. Russians, what's next?"

The explosion and fire caused part of the 12-mile-long Kerch Strait Bridge to collapse into the sea, killing at least three people, according to Russian authorities. A senior Ukrainian official confirmed the Russian report that Ukraine was behind the attack. With the government banned from talking about the bombing, the official, who asked not to be named, added that Ukrainian intelligence used bombs loaded on trucks crossing the bridge to plan the explosion.

The explosion on Saturday that partially collapsed the bridge over the Kerch Strait connecting Crimea and Russia illustrates a key fact of the war in Ukraine that both sides quickly grasped: In a country bordered by sea and rivers, Bridges are important military assets.

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