Should Russias neighboring countries close their borders and keep refugees out?

Closing borders would be inhumane and unconstitutional?

When temporary border closures and restrictions on movement are required to prevent the spread of COVID-19, these measures must be implemented in a manner that is non-discriminatory and consistent with the public health goals pursued. Such closures should include hygiene protocols and processes that maintain fundamental rights at all times.

In March 2016, the Western Balkans route to Europe was closed, leaving thousands stranded with uncertain futures, many living in unsafe shelters. Europe's borders have been militarized with aggressive controls, fencing and border patrols in complete disregard for human dignity.

(Los Angeles) – Migrants and asylum seekers entering through Mexico’s southern border are being mistreated and fighting for protection or legal status while steps are taken to prevent them from entering the United States, Human Rights Watch said today. When leaders meet in Los Angeles for their summit of the Americas, they should commit to ending abuses of anti-immigrant policies and ensuring that those seeking protection in the United States, Mexico and elsewhere are treated humanely.

Russias neighboring countries should close their borders and keep refugees out? Poll

Finland, which shares about 800 miles of land border with Russia, officially said on Saturday it would close its borders to Russian tourists in response to an influx of Russians hoping to flee there this week, although it also said it was always "interested." To ensure that people can travel for humanitarian reasons ". to enter."

The governments of Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria must immediately stop all illegal boycotts and mass expulsions. Crimes against migrants, including refugees, need to be urgently investigated and action taken to prevent future abuses. All governments must ensure that people in need of international protection have access to fair and effective asylum procedures.

Finland, the last EU country to still allow entry to Russians on tourist visas at its land border with Russia, said on Friday it would "significantly restrict the access of Russian citizens to its eastern borders" after Finns flooded its eastern border under Russia's mobilization order. entry". .

What do you think about people, that want to leave Russia?

Many desperate to leave Russia in response to President Vladimir Putin's attempt to use conscripts in Ukraine's war will have fewer options, as major neighbours - Finland became the last on Saturday - announced restrictions to avoid drowning the Russians by fleeing.

“Georgia and Kazakhstan will remain the countries with the highest concentration of people fleeing Russia. You may see increases in the prices of accommodation and some services. It may also cause unease among the local population and public dissatisfaction with the government’s response.”

Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs echoed this sentiment, tweeting on Thursday: "Many Russians who fled Russia for mobilization now agree to kill the then Ukrainians. It would be wrong to call them without protesting because They see it as a conscious insistence. There are significant security risks in allowing them and many countries outside the EU to withdraw."

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