Do you think, that Trump Will go to Prison?

Donald trump may or may not go to prison.

Will That Definitely Happen? Not necessarily—Trump advisors have discussed the possibility of negotiating with prosecutors to have Trump appear virtually for his arraignment from Mar-A-Lago, the Guardian reports, though the former president has reportedly expressed interest in appearing in person.

Will Trump Be Handcuffed? It’s not likely Trump will do the traditional “perp walk” before he’s arraigned in handcuffs, experts cited by Insider speculated, given the optics of handcuffing a former president—which could play into Trump’s claims that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is politically biased against him—and potential security concerns.

With last poll "Do you think that Trump is Traitor?" and with last new there is people to start discuss theme Do you think, that Trump Will go to Prison? Poll will show what you think

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