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In a large multi-national survey, 71.5% would likely get vaccinated and 61.4% would comply if employers suggested doing so.In the USA, 65% believed parents should be required to vaccinate ; but the rate of refusal grew from 24% to 42.2% in North Carolina and 16.4% to 35.4% in Maine, if it was mandated by the federal government [23. Views varied concerning children: 51% of Americans believed K-12 schools (kindergarten through grade 12) should require COVD-19 vaccines, while 75% of Texans thought the government should require child vaccination for infectious diseases [54. Parents may have different considerations for vaccinating their children than themselves. One survey reported 76.02% vs. 74.38% receptivity and another 45% vs. 36.2% [5; 58% would do so as soon as possible,though having chronic illness was a deterrence.Those who indicated refusal for themselves also would not vaccinate their children.

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Three international studies investigated healthcare professionals’ attitudes and found similar concerns about vaccine safety and effectiveness and receptivity predictors including previous vaccination history, perceived risk or exposure, and being older, male, or a doctor [7,55. Healthcare workers in Indonesia had greater acceptance than the public (OR: 1.57, 95% CI: 1.12–2.20) while nurses in Hong Kong indicated low intention (40%).Israeli doctors reported slightly higher self-acceptance (78% vs. 75%), but were less likely to vaccinate their children than the public (60% vs. 70%).

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