Is it promising for people in Ukraine?

I mean, there is a hidden talent in every person. Yes, if you think you know how to do nothing. Besides eating and sleeping, you are deeply mistaken. After all, everyone can do whatever they want. For some, this manifests itself immediately (like me), for others after several attempts to look for themselves in society. I think the Internet is a wonderful thing for people like you. You cannot even imagine what you can do now. Sitting at home at the computer and not looking at the smartphone screen all day. Refreshing the page because of the excess of free time, to put it mildly. Is it promising for people in Ukraine? Now I will answer this question.

So how is it really? Is it promising for people in Ukraine?

Many people say: “There are simply no job prospects in Ukraine”. If you have learned to be someone or do not want to go to university at all, use a few rules:

• answer, what do you want to do?
• Have you learned to be an engineer? Make a new YouTube if you like;
• do not torture your brain trying to work in your specialty, and at the same time you are not interested yet.

If you learned to be an architect and failed even after the 5th year of university. Then give up and don’t even go back to the construction site or where you worked there. Through this many hours of effort, you:

a) You will not achieve anything;
b) In the evening you will curse everyone and everything, so that you will damage your nerve cells;
c) Destroy your «hidden» talent – just accept the fact that «I am a failure and my destiny is to spend all day at work, listen to ugly bosses and, in fact, ruin your colorful life.»

What is the purpose of this article?

This is to convey to today’s youth that using the Internet, you can earn more than going somewhere. Do you like drawing? Draw an interesting original logo for the site.

I love to «code» - in the modern world, without programming anywhere. Even some cabbage companies are 85% likely to need a programmer to create an ad website.

Young people in Ukraine have great prospects. Moreover, there are many YouTube videos on the Internet for those who want to develop their talent and become a successful person with it. For example, I no longer ask my mother or father for money – why? I do what I love!

Finally, I will advise you not to do what is not right for you. Find your true talent, and then you will have both earnings and fame. And you will be proud of what a successful person you are. Anything is possible, you just need to do it!
I hope my motivational article will inspire you and help you understand that work is not torture. This is your development and success!

So what do you yourself think? Is it promising for people in Ukraine?

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